Minister of Music

Robert Lowery, Minister of Music
work: 691-6629
Robert came to Southpark in June of 2010.  He came from Bryant Avenue Baptist Church where he served as Music Minister for five and a half years.  When he was three years old, he started going to Children's Choir and has been a part of church music ever since.  He started his relationship with Christ when he was six years old and surrendered to the call of ministry while in the fifth grade.   He was licensed to the Gospel ministry in 2010, and ordained to the Gospel ministry in 2012. 

He graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in December, 2009 with a Bachelor of Music Education degree, and has a Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Oklahoma.   He currently works as a  teacher for Oklahoma City Public Schools.

Robert's ministry verse is John 4:24. "God is spirit, and his worshippers must worship in spirit and in truth." (NIV)

Robert married Melissa Griffin on June 23, 2012 and they have two sons, Boone, who was born in August 2014 and David, who was born in December 2017.