Adult Sunday Bible Study

The best way to get connected is through one of our several Sunday Bible studies.  We offer something for every adult.  You may ask, "How do I get involved?"  The answer is through Sunday Bible Study where you meet others like yourself, study God's Word, and grow closer to God and to others! 

We have classes for different ages: 

College/Career - Carl Brown, teacher

Young Adult 1 - David Cottingham, teacher

Young Adult 2 - Katie Lyons, teacher

Young Adult 3 - Jason Warner, teacher

CoEd 1 - Jim & Beth Vogt, teachers

CoEd 2 -  Curtis & Darlene Ross, teachers

Senior Adult Men 1 -  Rex Pyle, teacher

Join us every Sunday at 9:30 AM!  We have a Bible Study for YOU!   
Sunday Bible Studies classes are also available for children of all ages and youth